Stuck at grade 2

i was post to be grade 3 2 hours ago but i’m stuck at grade 2, can anyone help me.

Mind sending a screenshot of your grade table and your violation history?

Landings in 90 days and violations send a screen shot

Show ur stats too please

Damn slow down son! Lol

I was sleeping lol

Try restarting your app because it should be expired.

I did many times

His earliest lvl 1 was over 7 days ago
(15:56 Zulu)

I did wait a week

No, because the oldest of the violations have passed the 7-day expiration period.

Please, only participate in the thread if you are providing accurate information.

Can you please do a flight on casual for a few minutes and then cleanly end the flight.

Sometimes this will cause your stats to update.

Sure will do

@Antoniobig25, I believe a moderator can refresh your stats for you (same issue happened to a user yesterday), when that’s finished a quick restart will get you your grade status back.

In the future, please monitor your device whilst descending, and if you are sleeping (as you stated), make sure to not activate VNAV while you are sleeping - only activate VNAV whilst you are active and monitoring your device.

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thank you for helping me out

Did doing a flight help?

yes it did

Great! I will go ahead and close this. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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