Stuck at connecting


I am unable to connect to IF. Its stuck at connecting after clicking fly online. I tried my wifi and mobile data network. Deleted the app and reinstalled. Restarted the phone as well.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

When you say ”Stuck at connecting”, do you mean that you are stuck on the loading screen or do you mean that the Live Server is displaying Red in the Server Status section?

I think he means that when he clicks Fly Online, it says unable to connect, so he tries again and it goes to a screen that says Connecting. I have this problem also.


So it’s a broader issue here?

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Hi there,

Here are a few steps to try to get you online:

  • Restart your device
  • Clear Scenery Cache- Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache > Yes

Let us know if this resolves your issue. Loading shouldn’t take long typically especially if you have a good internet connection.

Edit: This was meant for stuck at the loading screen for a long period issue.

I believe so. I could be wrong though

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This is a broader issue. Follow up here: Server Issues

So I was at EGLL when the live server disconnected and wouldn’t connect back. I ended the flight and tried to start it again, it wouldn’t connect. Closed the app and tried to load it up again and got stuck where it says connecting after clicking fly online.

It seems to be working now but it clearly wasn’t working for awhile there.

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Okay, we don’t believe this is a wide spread issue and everything should be fine for now.


Now works fine with me!

Mine wasn’t stuck at connecting completely but it took a lot longer to load up… give it a few minutes maybe


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