Stuck at connecting for live server after airplane mode

Yesterday evening, i started a flight from zurich to los angeles. Since my ipad would be in my room and turned on all night, i decided to put it into airplane mode. Now that im close to LAX, i connected my ipad back to my wifi again but for some reason, the whole system status is green exept the live server itself trying to connect for more than 20 min now.

Is there any way to get the live server to connect?

Hello @JLKiller008!

Unfortunately not. Your session have timed out on our servers as you’ve been disconnected for too long.
The reason this functionality exist, is we would otherwise have users spawning in on the middle of the runway, on final or in similar quite inappropriate places.

Ok. Thanks for that answer though. From now on, i guess i need to have wifi / ethernet active at all times.

Just as a note from my side: I nice and neat way how long haul flights could be better “implemented” if you could call it that would be to leave the flight on a client basis while the session itself would still be held active. In this case, the user could “spawn” back into the flight at any given time through e.g. a button on the main page of the game.

This would be useful as it would enable users to use their devices for other tasks while the flight is happening or even prevent their devices from decreasing battery health as you wouldnt need to plug your device in at most of the time (or even through night).

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This is something that we prefer to avoid at this stage. You don’t want someone spawning in on the middle of a runway or on final for example. That would cause chaos.

A fellow community member have however suggested something similar which might be something we look into at some point further on: