STS-F22 Sub Orbital Space Flight

Hello there!

It seems all these governments and companies are sending rockets to space, expending millions of dollars per launch. I, however, have come up with a genius solution. For years users, such as myself, have been taking aircraft to space in this virtual world, costing us maybe $10 per month at the most. On this particular flight I’ve successfully survived reentry so I thought I’d share this particular flight.

Mini-mod repellent

Aircraft: F-22
Route: SBEG-the ground in Chile somewhere
Server: Casual
Flight time: just under 40 minutes, from launch to touchdown

1| T+a few microseconds

2| T+5 seconds, passing through maximum dynamic pressure.

3| Beginning pitch over maneuver

4| I lose control because there’s no air up here

5| I bounce off the atmosphere

6| Preparing for reentry, extending all flaps and drag things as well as pitching up to null out a violent down pitch the vehicle has been going through since launch

7| much further down the atmosphere now

8| remember that spinning thing i mentioned earlier? Well the realization kicks in that I haven’t really nulled it out and I’m not far above the ground.

9|. Now moments away from landing/impact

10| I actually manage to jam the F-22 into the ground. No i didn’t crash, it’s genuinely stuck in the ground like that twitching around. Not a happy landing.


Got a favorite photo on my out of this world flight?

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Until we meet again


I’m trying to understand what just happened

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Which part?

Or is it just all the above?

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My favourite capture was the landing…

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this entire thread

great pics though!

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Fair enough tbh

Glad you liked them anyway!

Loved capture 3

So far upwards of three others, including myself, think so too!

You should have landed at NASA’s shuttle landing facility lol

The airport code for that is KTTS Incase you wondering…

You’re literally went out of this world

How did you have enough fuel ⛽️ to reentry the earth those jets don’t carry alot of fuel

Didn’t have enough velocity or much control over direction

I just switched off the engines and coasted up to apogee