Stryder | New teaser for upcoming video

#Hey guys and welcome to my thread.#

For those who don’t know, I run a YouTube channel called “Stryder” and post infinite flight content.

Here’s the content I upload:

live streams
Va Trailers
Promotional content

I try to create videos/live streams every week. I don’t really have a set timetable and like to work when I feel like it. So subscribe to my YouTube and turn on notifications so you know when I start a live stream
I will also announce on here when I start to begin one.

My live-streams vary from fun get togethers to serious expert server flights. I also tend to make group flights so I can fly with subs.

#Here is some of the content currently on my youtube:#

Flying high with BAVA (promotional trailer) : - YouTube

Frontier va promotional video (old device, hence the lag) :

Serious expert server flights: - YouTube

Fun flight :

So please take a look and expect tons of more content in the future.


Awesome 👏🏻,Good luck, will see 👍🏼😉

Looking good sir.

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Haha thanks man. Will post there too.😉

Good luck with your YouTube channel.👍


Mine got only ~30 view a video 😅

Good chance with your one 👍


Good Luck with your channel!

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Great job on the videos and Livestreams. Keep up the great work and good luck in the future! :)


Thanks everyone

Ill be doing a flight tomorrow for a new video. If you guys would like to join me an be featured in the vid the stick around as ill be uploading info later today.

New video is up as is sponsored by @Dragos. Check out his app.
- YouTube

#Teaser for something im working on
ps: lag and stutter won’t be present in final piece

What are your thoughts?

so far so good, could do without the lag but as you mentioned, it wont be present in the final movie piece

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