Struggling with PHPvms

Hi guys, I am having trouble developing the crew center because it is not uploading when I have perfect internet

I personally don’t have much experience with phpVMS - but maybe try restarting your internet router

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Yeah done that a few times

Confirm where you are uploading this to? Is it a free server or a paid one?

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Im uploading it to Free server

Ok, it wont be reliable then- naturally.

There is an issue with the address you are uploading it to, it is saying that it is “resolving address of…”.

Double check the address, once you have done that ensure your details are correct and then try again. If that doesn’t work, then you should keep trying as it could literally be just the free server not playing ball.

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Although looking now, the right side of the screen isnt connected to anything. Doesn’t that normally have the server shown, so you can manipulate the database from local and server settings?

Special mention to @Velocity23 for making this how to.

Ok it run into another problem @Mags885

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