Struggling with drag to taxi

Can you give specific parking instructions or is it just runway don’t know if I’ve fully figured it out yet as seems to work on some airports like EHAM but not EHLL does EHLL not have this feature thank you for taking time to respond :)

The pilot has to request a parking spot for it to come up on D&T. Controller’s can’t give pilots a parking spot at the moment.

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Drag and taxi is available at most but not all airports, it can be a bit sketchy as it can work somewhere with one controller and not with another one.

As for the possibilities with it they are very wide.

  1. You can give specific instruction to taxi from a parking position to the runway
  2. You can give specific instruction to taxi from the runway to the parking position
  3. You can modify a routing you already sent simply by dragging the purple line where you want it to be.
  4. Request pilots to hold at runways and taxiway intersections

I think that’s already a hefty amount a features ;) Don’t hesitate if you have any further questions.


D&T can be made to a parking position by manually dragging. In airports with busy traffic, you can direct the pilots to a gate away from the busy area.

Edit: If you want, you can create a taxi route for him by waiting a short on a taxi road and then saying the runway to which he will go.

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That happened to me once at EHAM lol I have no clue how they did it


You can either chose the parking spot from the spot on the map at the parking area you want to go to or chose specific parking area when you request taxi to parking in the radio controls.

If you’re a controller you can respond to the taxi request by choosing the relevant aircraft on the map and the dtt option appears with the parking location automatically. You can also drag to the parking spot using the map and selecting the circle at the parking area.

This is all dependent on the airport having dtt…

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Thanks guys it happened to me at EHAM so I’m confused