Struggling to land the TBM

Hi. I have seen the takeoff tutorial for the TBM but for some reason I can’t find the landing one. I’m struggling with my landings. Can someone please give me some advice regarding the ideal landing speed, trim settings etc. Thanks

Hi Oscar,

The landing tutorial has not yet been posted. But from my experience with landing the TBM, I have found that speeds in the 80-90kt range work well. 80kts if your aircraft is light, and 90kts if your aircraft is on the heavier side.

As for trim, I like to use 20%.

When flying an approach, I like to keep my speed at about 120-140kts when in the cone. I don’t slow to my final approach speed when on a 9nm final so to say. I’ve told some folks that 130kts (Flaps TO & 20% trim) to a 3nm final works great. Once you drop the gear at that 3nm final, you’ll slow down to that 80-90kt range with about 1.5nm left on your approach. Flying 1nm of 90kts is perfect. The will give you time to ensure you’re set up and established for your landing.

Mark will post the tutorial here within the coming days. But in the meantime try the numbers above. I’ve found that they work. Its all trial and error really. Sometimes finding what works best for you and the aircraft is what is needed for the situation.

Hope this helps!


Like DeerCrusher said - I usually land it around 80 - 85 as I’m about to touch tarmac I thrust up a little to have a good tilt on the nose, practice short runs on solo woth the takeoff/landing option

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Thanks very much guys, that’s definitely helpful! Although when trying to land at about 90kts I found the aircraft bounced quite high off the runway before I was able to semi control it. Perhaps I was coming in too steep or was slightly too fast? I’m sure I’ll get there with practice though!


It is more of a challenge to put her safely on the ground, however I think that is part of the extra work put into the physics which makes it more realistic and rewarding!

Am finding a tens to bounce her a bit but am slowly getting the Hang of it! Thanks for the guidance above deercrusher!

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Yeah I think it’s a really cool plane and I’m sure it’ll be rewarding once I start nailing the landings.

Find 10 minutes to dedicate to just doing patterns. It’s very rewarding if you haven’t done so already. You’ll learn more about the TBM just by doing patterns than just doing a flight from Point A to Point B. You’ll find the limits in the pattern rather quickly. 🙂


Sounds like a great idea :)

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I have had similar landing speeds but I have trim at 11% that sounds low but it works fine for me, once you have the hang of landing it you can have trim anywhere between 10% - 20% any number in between the two for trim works for me anyway.

I just end up bouncing down the runway!

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