Strongest winds

Same but it was fun lol

does anyone know how to predict the winds? like in long haul flights can I predict the winds later when I go through different areas? is a great source

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Yep live in the world

oh thank you, can I see the altitude different winds?

You can. Just need to play around with the slider and buttons. 🙂


I think I got around 145 in the Australian outback, I was trying out YSSY to EGLL and damn that crosswind sucked, thought about diverting somewhere in Europe but I never ended up doing that.

There was another time I got 130 in Dorian doing crosswind landings, that was fun 😂

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Imgine because of the wind and you crash your plane when landing.

Got to almost 250 knots headwind near the end of Australia, doing the same flight, actually

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Heh, I guess I got lucky.

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I flew it with a Speedbird 772, packed it with max fuel, which I believe was 22 hours.

150 knot headwind, That flight went from 9 hours to 11 hours

You know, just a casual 999kt wind.


Wow 999 kts wind lol

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I once had 96kts crosswind when approaching into UUEE

Altitude FL 370 43kts