Strongest winds

What are some of the strongest winds you have flown in on infinite flight? I took a screenshot of this just over KORD


I’ve had about 180kts tailwind before


Had a weather bug a while back, 210 knot winds at FL100.

Other than that there were small patches of 200kt over the east coast of Japan. Got my Dreamliner to break 700.


I think my max was about 185 kts flying from Sydney to Auckland. It was a headwind…


I think you’re a little ahead of me, I passed Denver about ½ hour ago on the same flight as you. I caught up to 117knts tailwind back there. Enjoy your windy flight!

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Ah man that’s brutal. How much did it extend your flight time?

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I think it was only like half an hour because I descended a little bit to get out of it

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The winds definitely calmed down a little bit now. I’m just over a little bit of land before a long trip over the pond ;)

I had 143Kt once over the Nepal and China:

and oh man I was Speed (and yes that’s me from reddit) and don’t mind me going Mach.86 in a 737

That is high, ironically last night I experienced my highest winds ever, I had a 155 knot headwind.must just be a windy day haha

Lucky you, your flight must have been short

My highest ever was I think 102kts over by KMSO

Oh and happy born day @Ecoops123 🎉

I’ve had 210 knots before. I don’t have a photo of the exact number, but I can assure you that if my Cessna Citation can float, the winds are strong.


Haha! I remember this! I wish more glitches like that would happen ;)


The nostalgia is real

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I’ve had 300 knot winds where my CRJ would slide off the runway


In @Butter_Boi’s pic above that was in the Bahamas with a weather glitch, I got my KC-10 floating. 😂

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0o0 I’ve got to try that


I got a 120knt crosswind over the Atlantic today. Don’t have a picture sadly.

wind in north pacific near japan blowing from asia to america is over 150 knots