strongest winds

dose anyone know where i can find the strongest winds that can be a challenge for me…any suggestions?
not like hurricane winds but rough wind.

Let’s be honest here… They are probably in New Zealand as always

Look Here: Windy: Wind map & weather forecast


solo mode is better for this

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i think he wants xp ;)

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yeah but is there any place online where its really windy

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Here you go:


no i just want to have a challenging flight

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mneh, works for me, just for fun i’d suppose!!

Great source

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KCAV has 916knot winds according to that…

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Windy .com is good for this, I know for a fact that there is a tropical cyclone near Somalia. You might find some great winds there.

ok thx for help finding me some good windy areas to fly

KCAV is your best bet 667 knot winds which is 1235km/h. You’ll break the sound barrier by standing still

I would recommend a heavy aircraft so you don’t tip over and also go on Casual to avoid violations

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That may be too challenging. Lol.

That link will provide the most accurate or as close weather to what we have to us in Infinite Flight. Its great to find what airports to go do patterns at.

Note: Not all listed airports are in Infinite Flight.


Now its only 10kts…

I’ve been using this site religiously for T&G for some time now and I’m convinced there really isn’t anywhere else to go. A huge selection from all over the world and winds ranging from 1 to 100 make it the best. I just hope it sticks around for awhile.

Wellingtion airport is always good. Maybe the windiest airport in the world 35 knot + gusts usually 5 times a week.

Just in last 7 days it’s been 50+ knot gusts on 3 occasions.

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There seems to be something brewing north of the Horn of Africa and south of Oman… Take your jet for a spin :)

The British Island of St. Helena (FHSH) has constant windshear

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