Strong Winds

Is anyone else experiencing extremely strong winds flying near Portland? I am in a Southwest 737-700 to SJC and the winds are tossing my plane around. I am at 34,000 feet and do not want to quit the server unless I have to.

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Yes I’m Alaska 478 to KMCI, I’m experiencing a lot of turbulence out of Seattle, really tossing my plane around, currently at FL350. I’m also curious to know if if there’s an Altitude with less turbulence I should climb or descend to.

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Just make sure your seat belts are on and make
sure to not fly any props around there. Your plane should be fine

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You can also vector yourself west or east to avoid high winds, check for more wind information

Looks about right. Nice upper level wind going on.


Hi is there an app that can give u live weather reports for IF

Well, if what your looking for is high altitude winds, you should download the app and set the altitude according to your cruise altitude. It’ll show you accurate winds for your flying.

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Yeah I’m flying from KSEA-KLAX south of Portland right now with 116 kts, tailwind thankfully

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Also the systems status says my global server is down. What should I do?

That likely has something to do with your internet

in Fact, I was just at an event from KBFI to KSFO, and my plane actually went down.

Wow 116 kts winds- must of been difficult anyone going into headwind!!!

when I took off from Seattle and went East towards New York after an Event,I thought that the A320 glitch was happening so i didn’t care too much,until it got bad,but luckily the winds calmed down

I use nullschool for weather. It is amazing!

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That is and that is also jet stream


Also, these high winds are called Jet Streams, and they are very much seen during America’s winter months :). Try to plan around them or by way of tailwind bc if it’s a headwind, it will be a long trip.

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