Strong winds over the pacific

I would descend to a lower alt because winds are usally lower

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You’ll use more fuel doing this. This is the reason planes step climb.

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I did step climb

Im just going to divert because of time and because I dont think I have enough fuel

It’s very common during trans Pacific and trans indianic flights . They are called Jet Streams which are created due to the pressure difference at high altitudes over large water bodies . Most airlines plan in such a way to make best use of this natural phenomena to save fuel burn

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I am obviously not as smart as most airlines :)

Isn’t it the moisture that causes all the pressure different in the Jet Streams? @GladiatorAlpha

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Yes, the routing and altitude will be adjusted to factor in winds on one of those flight planners if that’s whst you’re asking.

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Thanks! I was mainly asking for example, if I fly from WSSS to KLAX instead will it factor it in to make the flight faster? Like will it route me into the wind so I can go faster?

Tail winds will make you go faster. Usually in the Pacific you would get headwinds or slight winds that won’t make you go faster.

Someone correct me if i’m wrong.

I have put an arrow onto which way the jet stream is.

That’s head winds I think that will make you slower.

Someone correct me if i’m wrong.

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I mean this time im going the other direction (the direction of the wind) so it should path me into the wind so I have a higher ground speed right?

Are you heading east?

Yes (WSSS to KLAX if you are wondering)

Are you using a track to get to LAX? May I please get a screenshot of where you are currently? What are the winds.

No just

Idk if it posted that link or not lmao

I am assuming you are doing the route that passed south of Hawaii. I don’t think winds are that strong there.

Do you mind telling me the M Speed you’re at it seems like you’re going slow.

I am flying very slow, just trying to fit it into my schedule, right now I am at M 0.65

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And yes. :)

You’re in the jetstream.

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