Strong winds in England

It were 75 knots and very much crosswind when i landed it was 39



Yes I can hear the wind in real life so I’m not too surprised. Looks to be another storm brewing


Where I am in England it’s extremely windy and there is massive gusts of winds. I’m going to have some fun in this!

Not to myself: Don’t try and play tennis when it’s so windy.


Very difficoult to land


Went running in the wind this morning. Not a good idea. I didn’t bring a jumper so shirts and shorts in the rain and wind!

We had a long haul event so when it was time for the event the winds were 30 knots, then we continued the climb and the winds got stronger to about 100 knots, then we still continued the climb and the winds were up to 150 knots during cruise. I should have taken a picture but I forgot to.

Had 30-40 kts crosswind when landing at Shannon today. Enroute to JFK in a A318 now burning fuel in 125 kts headwind 😬


It’s storm Brian hitting Ireland and the Uk


Good weather for landing practice and XP!



Am flying out of EGLL for OMDB ( IRL) tonight as SLF so am hoping that x winds are not too bad!

Also winds are strong Oz at moment as well. Flew a YPPH-YSSY on Expert Server this morning, had a 40 it Xwind then over 80kts tail wind for most of the flight. Knocked 30nins of the flight!!

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I live under the immediate final of 27R at EGLL and can confirm that the winds were very strong today! Tried an approach to said runway today and got all crossed up with windshear and had to go missed.

The Live weather is pretty spot on.

Did Dublin-Heathrow with another guy i needed to go around 2 times

I was with you I got a screenshot it was insane. Did you land in vancouver?

I was suprised how strong the winds were at FL360 and I thought it was normal! I was in a 777 with 90kt headwinds and I went into a stall. My airspeed was very unstable due to the winds, as I was cruising at around 150kts airspeed (but 480kts ground speed). I rapidly descended to FL240 until I could regain control of the aircraft. Instead of FL360 I decided to cruise at FL310.

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