Strong Winds in Congonhas, TAM Issues

AeroChapter News: About 14 hours ago today in Congonhas airport the winds were overly strong. The stairs that were placed for the TAM Airlines aircraft blew away and hit the aircraft fuselage. (Translated from Portugese news agency)

Source: Aeronautical Association of Sri Lanka


Ouch! I believe that recently happened to a Qantas Boeing 717 where a storm came through and cause damage because the stairs for the 717 crashed and punctured the fuselage! Was there any damage to what appears to be an A320?

Probably some damage to the #1 Engine

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A couple of years back there was an Aer Lingus Regional/Stobart Air ATR 42-300 that was parked at the gate at Shannon airport overnight. There was a massive storm with high winds during the night and it was so strong it lifted the aircraft repeatedly and bashed it to the ground again, meaning that the landing gear and fuselage were crumpled. The aircraft ended up being a write-off.

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