Strong winds at KSEA

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Just flew from KDEN to KSEA. I experienced some very turbulent air on my approach to KSEA. According to METAR the winds are blowing at 28G41KT. It was very fun and challenging to land. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced the whole aircraft to be tossed around at KSEA.


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Just checked flightradar24 and quite some aircraft are doing go-arounds so if anyone is searching for some challenging landings…

Thanks for sharing ;)

Pro-Tip: Be careful though, best to practice on the Casual Server to avoid getting violations.


What heading are the winds coming from? I know all the runways at KSEA are 16/34, so a west or east wind would be particularly interesting!

Wind is at 220 degrees, so it isn’t a full crosswind but still rather challenging!


Very turbulent here in Washington D.C. (irl)


I have a lot of experience flying in and out of Seattle, and if you get to know it, it has a HORRIBLE runway and taxiway layout and deadly towards and an ATC controller who doesnt know what he is doing under heavy traffic. and it is almost always pretty windy.

I live in Seattle, and they were having 40-60kts wind gusts

Ohhh I will take advantage of these gusts soon.

Yeah I saw you at KSEA as I was preparing for my flight to HNL. Was a bumpy ride into the airport. I haven’t had these kinds of winds in a while, pretty fun.

I’ll say I really greased my B739 coming in at -60 fpm


Thank you for using “greased” lol

@FBWFTW made me write “It’s grease job not butter the bread. Butter is a dairy product.” 100 times…


I live in Seattle and lemme tell you the winds are very real here tonight! It’s very fun flying in and out of my home airport and having such challenging weather as well.

Is it still windy?

Depends what your standards are for high winds:
KSEA 210253Z 21020G26KT 10SM SCT019 SCT070 07/03 A2990 RMK AO2 PK WND 22028/0227 RAE14 SLP130 P0000 60008 T00670033 53012

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See this @DeerCrusher!?!?


You’re lucky you have such good mates.

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