Strong Wind

Hey i am heading to Jeju Int Airport and the wind is curently 170 knots can someone tell me , where should my speed i set to in this curent condition , i am at 35k feet HELP MEEE


Hey I m Korean too
Today weather is terrible 😫
And Jeju’s wind is almost always Strong kkkk

I need more details before helping. Like what server, what speed

Depends on aircraft. You should just set it to the aircrafts normal cruise speed.

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Descend to around FL310 bc the winds are a little weaker there. I don’t know what plane you’re flying, but a good cruise speed would probably be M0.78.

Your cruise IAS/Mach does not depend on wind that much. You might speed up by .01-.02 if you need a faster speed. You might want to slow down by .01-.02 if turbulence gets bad.

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