Strong Tailwinds towards HAAB

Just a heads up for anyone on the east trip towards HAAB, there is very strong tailwinds upwards of 180kts. It may push your ETE to dest time 1 hour early!


Hi! While is a nice website those winds shown are on the ground, 30,000 feet in the air, the winds are bound to be different. But yes, there probably are high winds just not 120 knots 😉

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Oh wow, I’m glad I didn’t pack too much extra fuel. Thanks for the heads up!

Safe flights all ❤️


oooh thanks. Guess i’m gonna have to wake up earlier than planned😂😅

Same in the Southern Hemisphere. I am currently doing SA227, it used to be a scheduled service by SAA from SAEZ to FAOR but was discontinued in 2014, and I’m experiencing roughly 120knt tailwinds! All courtesy of SimBrief of course!

Courtesy of Windy!

Who wants to try to fly from Boston to Shannon in a C172

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The 172 would get destroyed with those winds

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You actually can change the altitude on to get FL300 which it seems he has done


Oh, that’s great to here. I guess I’m mistaken.

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I’m heading to Copenhagen as we speak and I must say that the tailwinds are HEAVY LOL

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