Strong Earthquake forces airport to close!

A few hours ago, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake had hit the Philippines causing some destruction & panic. One of the unfortunate locations that was affected was Clark International Airport. The airport will be temporarily closed as there are problems that really need to get fixed.

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Been there done that back in November in Alaska. Hope everyone is okay!


The Earthquake actually caused lot of damage caused to the airport. I hope everyone is ok and everything will turn normal afterwards. 🙏

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Looks like a lot of damage was taken. Hopefully it’s back up and running shortly.

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That was quite panicking, and i would say the last photo is terrible


Uh oh, that’s really bad! :(

Fortunately no one was injured, and I hope the airport can be renovated as soon as possible. Just heard the news from my friend this evening :(


That is unfortunate!

That airport endured a lot of damage. Hopefully, it can recover quickly and start operations as normal again

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Yup, luckily NAIA / MIA (Manila’s main intl airport) didn’t get affected.

I was just going to say thing same thing. The one in anchorage was 7.1. Because anchorage knows to to build buildings that are resistant to earthquakes, their airport suffered little damage.

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