Strobes not visible in cockpit view

Can I get some news on what is going to happen with the strobe lights not showing in cockpit view? I know I know I’ve searched topics about it most were closed and inactive I looked hard so pls no need to hate on me and I couldnt find anything about it in the update topic so yea :)) are they fixing it?

Do you mean the light being flashed while looking forwards, or actually looking at the strobes from the flight deck.
Maybe provide a photo to elaborate what your point…

I’m guessing they are referring to looking at the strobe lights from the flight deck, I mean there’s no other way to see them.

He means looking at another aircraft from inside the cockpit view of your own aircraft. If you do this you won’t be able to see strobed, beacons, or landing lights of other aircraft.

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When ur in cockpit view and u look at planes in general you can’t see any lights

Oh is that what you mean, sorry I miss understood.

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