Strobe Restrictions

We all know that strobe lights are misused all around live. But, what if the strobes could function similar to the gear button. This would only allow people to turn on strobes when entering a runway, and turn them off automatically when exiting. This would make live a more pleasant experience for everyone, adding even more realistic aircraft to Infinite Flight.

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Please note that there should be an option in the settings enabling this.

I would prefer an ATC instruction ‘Please keep strobes off while not on the runway’ or a disapproving ‘You’re blinking…’.


I’m too lazy/don’t care enough to swtich between menus in order to hit the correct light at correct time. It’s such a minute detail.

But since it matters enough to some people, having a computer to do the work for me would be nice


In real life, I honestly can’t see a controller doing that. If that command was added, I doubt playground controllers would use it

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Ground will advise if strobes are still on and they find it annoying.

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As much as I hate seeing aircraft parked at their gates with all the lights turned on, forcing people to do something is not a very good idea…


@Laurens it is not required.

When an ATC is focused on looking at the planes from a radar screen, and not maintaining a visual, it would be hard, (especially at Bravo airports), to enforce that command…

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It is a simulation, and like changing call signs, it takes little time and makes everything more realistic…


As used as a simulator by most, users should be able to simulate putting lights on/off etc (including getting it wrong) - in my opinion :) (rather than auto). Maybe an option to add warnings under settings would be good (not to give penalties - but to warn of improper use, such as speed < 35 on ground / <250 under 10000 ft.

Personally, I try to use them right most of the time, but not bothered enough to check particularly, so often forget (being on the other menu), so would welcome an optional auto - lights button for the most part :)


In a YouTube video/documentary of KATL ATC told an aircraft that their strobes were still on. This is a good idea!

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Yes, you don’t hear it often because most pilots follow their checklists.

I am against an unrealistic automated shutoff unless you want this to be more of a cartoony game.


Some airplanes don’t have beacons, and strobes are their only anticollision lights…


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I don’t have the motivation to do such a minute change, unless I see a larger number of people making the change. I’d much rather monitor my speed and taxi than flip through menus to turn a light on and off when needed

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Strobe lights aren´t used before entering the runway?

No, you are not supposed to use them before being cleared to enter a runway. This includes back taxi, crossing a runway, and takeoff. Please keep this on topic!

I just asked when they were supposed to be used, how am I going off topic?

This discussion is about a new feature for strobe lights, not about how to use them. For a tutorial on their use, refer to this topic:

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