Strobe lights.

I’m just going to have this cleared up right here. Landing lights are not used until entering the runway. However, I can confirm from observation right now at MCO that Strobes ARE used during taxi. In fact I’m presently watching a 737 with their strobe lights on while still at the gate. It seems that strobes are company to company standard. And this whole the strobes are not on because they blind ground personal and other aircraft any observation will see that strobes are just as bright as beacon lights. So to sum it all up strobes on after pushback and during taxi? Realistic. Strobes off after pushback and during taxi? Also realistic as it depends on the pilot and company.

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How to use the "strobe lights" correctly! Here you go buddy

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You sure it’s not the Nav lights?

I am sure. I’ve seen 3 of 3 aircraft with strobes on after pushback.

I don’t think so. Whenever I go to the airport they never have strobes on while taxiing.

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Just to clarify strobe lights are not the flashing red ones lol


Two white flash from wing, tail cone. I can confirm.

Will say now that the sun has risen the strobes are remaining off.

I put all my lights on before pushback and leave them all on until the end of my flight my flights are usually very short so I end up forgetting to turn them on so in my eyes all lights are better then no lights

pls see my post regarding this, already mentioned by ChiefPilotLachy!

In my real job I am dealing with operational standards for an airline. Trust me on this one.

and for clarification

red light on top and below the fuselage, always ON when aircraft is moving or engines are running (i switch it to off at the gate to simulate the parking, although engines are running)

red and green at the wing tip, most carriers have em on all the time

white flashing lights at the wing tips and tail section
…i will not explain this here;-)

Taxi lights
not simulated yet, but instead use landing lights. For better communication with aircraft around you, turn them off while not moving. turn em on when starting to taxi again.
Always on upon entering a runway for take off and until 10000ft or when descending thru 10000ft until vacating the runway after landing

That runway crossing may have been what I saw then. As it was at the end of the runway. Thanks for the clarification

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