Strobe Lights

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I think the problem with the strobes is just a matter of perspective. I went into free cam and looked from the same angle as the “left wing” view, I couldn’t see the strobes.
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That’s a nice looking left wing


Alright I take that back. That was from free cam/drone view. Didn’t realise yall were looking from the regular wing view.

When I look from the “left wing view” it’s not visible. So the OP @James_Walsh13 is correct.

It looks like a bug, because I moved my free cam interior drone to the same exact view and the strobe is visible. But if I switch to the regular “left wing view” it’s not.

This is the “left wing view” option:

This is the same view, but with “drone/interior free cam” moved to the same angle (in fact, deeper so the bulb should be even more hidden):

So, yeah.


ahem ahem

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How do you get the drone to that angle?

I would like to add, this is happening on all aircraft.

The closest tutorial I could find for operating the free cam has been unlisted…but I’ll link it anyway. Once you know how to operate the free cam, the drone works much the same way.

Yes it is. It’s pissing me off! I don’t fly any Airbus with sharklets now because of it. How the hell do you work the damn drone?

I understand your frustration, however, I ask you respectively to calm down on the use of those words.

Looks like you found a video on how to do it, there is also a link above that will walk you through the steps.

Seriously? The drone is driving me crazy! I cannot get those crazy wing views!

It just takes time and effort. I will walk you through a few steps to get you some wing views

  • Go to free cam, (go to the camera icon and press free) on the toolbar within the app
  • Scroll up to interior drone 1 & 2
  • To move the camera, imagine your device is split in half down the middle of your device
  • The left side is moving and the right side is to position the camera how you want

Adding to what @AlaskaAirfireball111 said, “split” the screen in half, imagine it like the controller of a remote-controlled car. The left side is your “front/back thrust” motion, and the right side is your “pitch and yaw” motion.

To use it, on the left side, slide a finger upwards and hold it there, much like you would do with a remote control to make a car (in this case, the camera) accelerate. For reverse, simply slide it downwards.

On the right side, treat that like your full axis of motion - again, same as a remote control.

Here’s an updated tutorial for you as well. This should help you understand it perfectly.

Well before the lights were buggy and non realistic. The fact you can’t really see them anymore from that view is more realistic than before.

woah okay dude, please calm down, we’re trying to help you out. Maybe you could post a video to show what is going on so we can understand it better?

They already posted a screenshot. I reproduced the same thing. See the post above.

I understand your anger, but your behavior is not cooperating with the people that is trying to help you. Please, Calm down and be nice with the community.