Strobe Lights

Why are my strobe lights not working on my left wing on every aircraft?


Can you provide some more details? What device are you using?

Maybe a short video or screenshot to display what you are experiencing?


I’m using IOS.

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This thread is over 11 days old. Are you still experiencing the same issues?

If so, can you send a screenshot?

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Strobes aren’t seen from that view angle. But they’re visible from all others when the actual bulb is visible.

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That’s BS! They were visible from that angle up until this last update! Don’t tell me lies!

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@James_Walsh13 as it turns out @Samuel_Ten is right. It’s not BS. The strobes are able to be seen from any angle of the aircraft let alone the left wing.

What I’d highly recommend is you to sprawn in a random airport in any aircraft, switch the time of day to night time, and try turning on the strobe lights. It’s should be on from any angle of the aircraft 😉😉

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Might i suggest a less aggressive attitude towards people trying to help?


Please be nice to fellow people trying to help. They are taking time out of there day to help. Please find a better attitude when you are on the IFC. Thank you.


Tbh , unfortunately it’s still not working from any other angle for me ^^ , is there a solution that you did pls?
Maybe it’s about to be corrected in a future update as well as the grey/red marks


Yea that’s what I meant, I mis pharsed my self there. Sorry

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Excuse me? I take flying seriously!

That’s fine, what they meant to ask was if you could choose kinder words because it may come off as aggressive or disrespectful to those trying to help. Hope this clears that up, good day.

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I believe this is a bug with 21.1. When looking at the wings at certain angles (with the wing view cameras) even if the bulb IS visible, the strobe and NAV lights don’t show up. The same angles with the drone cameras show the lights, but NOT the wing view cameras. If OP was using wing view, they’re most likely experiencing this.

I posted about this issue when it was in beta and it hasn’t gotten fixed yet, so I’m still hoping it does.

(This didn’t occur before 21.1)

That doesn’t give you the right to be rude to people who want to help. Respect and kindness should go both ways, life is not a one way street.


Chill man… chill…

Pls don’t be rude on this community. They are trying to help you out

Take respect seriously too ;) Wesley told you to have a better attitude, he said nothing about how you fly…


I think the problem with the strobes is just a matter of perspective. I went into free cam and looked from the same angle as the “left wing” view, I couldn’t see the strobes.
Hope this helps!