Strobe Lights While Taxiing [Expert]

Recently, with the increase of traffic due to the 19.4 update the prominence of strobe lights being turned on while taxiing and the inability to prepare before requesting takeoff has lead to some… rather peculiar takeoffs and taxis, such as drastically veering to one side or overuse of rudder to counter crosswinds.

Please for the sake of our eyes remaining in our heads from the amount of times we roll them. Do these steps

Don’t taxi with strobe lights on

Prepare for takeoff while taxiing, set flaps as you request to taxi, set trim, make sure heading autopilot isn’t on.

If we can all do these simple things expert server will maintain its reputation of being a fun, realistic experience for all.

(Not meant to offend anyone, people who are actually learning I’m sorry but practice on training for a few more hours first :)


Great post, I’m starting to see this way too much on expert server now and it always gets on my nerves


Thank you! A little reminder never hurt nobody.


i have noticed an occasional glitch where strobes stay on after landing for other players.

I think there is also an issue with people accidentally turning on the strobes when they mean to turn the beacons on.
Before 19.4, the beacon lights were in the place the strobes are in now (I think).

So muscle memory kicks in and people may turn their strobes on when they wanted to turn their beacons on.

I make this mistake all the time, but quickly notice it and correct it.
Just my two cents. 🙂


Yeah, sometimes the engines stay on when they are at the gate haha!


I set Trim, Flaps and check my rudder, aileron and etc… to function properly prior to requesting taxi. Of course at this point already beacon light is on as well, prior to pushback.

I contact ATC after I have gone through all the necessary pre-flight checklist procedures, and only then I request to taxi.

Upon nearing the runway, I switch to Tower, and if the runway is clear and I ask for departure, taxi slowly on to the runway, turn on landing lights, strobe lights, add necessary amount of N1% and then rotate at VR.


I think a big reason why people are turning the lights on is because there are no other lights on the taxiway system, and they therefore think they need them to show other aircraft where they are.

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Yes me in a 172 cannot see an a380 bearing down on me only to notice it until it turns its strobes on to taxi XD.

What I see almost every time I log on. it TRIGGERS me


Apart doen the flaps, trim, AP altitude pre-set I must say I’ve been struggling too after my cleared for takeoff; throttling up + maintain a slow speed + making a smooth runway entry + System>scroll>Lights>Strobes+Landing lights is a bit of a thingy for me too.

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This needs to be taken with a pinch of salt because if your beacon is inoperable, strobes are a substitute eg. X-Cub & TBM etc.

@LaroseRoyce keeping us informed :)


I’ve been saying it from day one. Strobes are for flight, on runway, crossing runway. NOT for taxiing or while at the gate.

They need a command message for the ATCs saying “All aircraft… no need for strobe lights while taxiing unless crossing or entering runway”


Aside from the relevancy of the lighting issue…there is at least a slight learning curve in switching the new control panel displays on a six inch or less smartphone or maybe slightly dumber phone compared to a nice roomy ten inch or more tablet display…and that becomes even more pronounced when you quickly have to continuously monitor ATC communications and still fly the aircraft when on a small screen you might have to almost instanteously react to an unexpected aviating condition…the bottom panels are enough to deal with at times without having to quickly switch the side panel settings if necessary…such as if you either have to adjust or initiate a new AP setting …just my two cents on it !

You can use strobes if you’re in an aircraft with no beacon. i.e. the TBM-930




Spot on observation. In addition to the points stated, don’t use strobes on stand preparing for pushback unless otherwise(as stated by @Trio)

For flaps, some operators keep flaps up in snowy conditions until post de-icing. However, the flaps required should be set before asking TWR for clearance for takeoff.


Yea, pretty sure that was the flash flight MIA-JFK Misha wrote that and sent it. @LaroseRoyce was talking about a command that ATC can use, not just staff


Yeah but still.