Strobe lights reflect when in Clouds

If you’ve been on a plane IRL before when you enter a cloud the strobe lights reflect off the cloud. It would be cool to have this feature when more clouds come out.
I couldn’t really find a photo…

this will be very cool but this needs some intense lighting effects and a new graphic program for infinite flight and our mobile devices probably handle it. so far only MSFS2020 has this lighting effect so yeah. our phones definitely won’t have this kind of power for this stuff for a while.

Though I do think this would be cool I recon before they do this they should give aircraft lights a rework before worrying about the light reflections


I only made this because clouds are going to be updated again in not to long…so it’d be a heads up before the update.

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Nope, it was originally a thing on IF a few years ago, except it was on the ground.

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oh yeah i do remember but that was basic, but having it on the clouds need a heavy rework and probally a new graphics system for the infinite flight team for that kind of detail.

Project Metal is for this exact idea - to boost the sims performance in these aspects.