Strobe Lights not visible from cockpit

I have just noticed that while flying with your view set to the cockpit, you can’t see other aircrafts’ strobe lights or any lights for that matter even if they are turned on. This is a serious issue especially in the night where it becomes even more difficult to spot aircrafts. Hope someone wil fix this soon!


It’s a known issue, that is more complex that one might think. But we’re aware of it and are working towards a solution! :)


Isn’t it the strobe light set an angle on wing tip. It’s hardly noticeable from passengers window and cockpit? As Air safety aircrafts not allowed to use strope on the ground it can dazzle pilots. As its very close by. Why it has to flash on their face?

Sorry I missunderstood, if you can’t see other plane. Its an issue :)

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