Strobe lights & landing lights

MaxSez: Opinions, observations, I Saw, He Said DON’T work for This Topic. For Us the FAA sets the standards and @TRDubh Chart is accurate accept for;.

As for Strobes… On the or crossing an Active runway ON. Environmental factors like, Fog, Hvy Rain, Snow, Blown Snow ect impact everybody on the field discretion is required. On the ground off the active common sense must be utilized. STOBES impact nite vision, can blind/ obstruct taxiing Aircraft on the Ramp ect. Strobe use at the preceding times is at Pilot Discretion.
I refer you to the Web and The AIM
tells the tail. Suggest a few of the responders here RESEARCH BEFORE YOU JOT!
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(Chart: Extract FAA “Airplane Flying Handbook”
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In a GA aircraft, you can have landing lights off at cruise even below 10,000ft AGL.

@Captain_Merka… MaxSez: Inaccurate, GA follow the FAA AIM on Lights,
The FAA has a Safety Program “Lights On”. It suggests “Landing Lights “ on when aloft. Most experienced pilots comply with the program. There will always be the mid-informed “Sports Pilots & ignorant CFI’s” who never volunteer for anything.
Safety of Flight is Paramount!

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I thought strobe lights were only on above 10,000 at night. Is this true?

Come on guys…it’s not that difficult.

Max provided the fully correct answer and if you want to act in IF like in real life you can study the Chart he provided. As a guys with some experience, operating ac in the skies, I can confirm that it’s fully correct.


No, as Max stated it is only on below 10,000ft AGL.

And it also says strobes are on for taxi.

Read it again

They would only be used to take the position of beacon lights which are used on the ground. For example, the TBM 930 has no beacon lights therefore strobes would be a replacement of that. Passenger planes like the B737 would not use strobes for taxi as they have the required lights for taxi.


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