Strobe lights & landing lights

I’ve watched many different tutorials about strobe lights and landing lights operation on an aircraft, and they said differently, so I’m never sure when to operate them. When I’m about to cross the runway, when I’m below 10,000 ft AGL, etc. Can anyone help?


Here’s a good chart for you to use regarding when to use each light.

When Nav Lights Beacon Strobe Lights Landing Lights
Unoccupied Aircraft Off Off Off Off
Occupied Aircraft On Off Off Off
Upon Pushback/Taxi Clearance On On Off Off
While Taxiing On On Off Off
Entering Runway/Upon Takeoff or LUAW Clearance/Back Taxi On On On On
Crossing Runway On On On On
Cruise below 10,000 feet AGL On On On On
Cruise above 10,000 feet AGL On On On Off

Landing lights when crossing the runway?

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yes, you have to do it in rl

I use the landing lights as taxi lights in IF too, as we don’t have taxi lights. That’s taste though (and switch them of before turning towards the parking position/terminal).

I’m pretty sure you use strobes when taxiing too. And we don’t have taxi lights do we?

Nope strobe lights indicate you are on an active runway. I’ve heard of times irl when pilots use strobes when it is very foggy so it’s easier to identify other planes on the ground. Aircraft that don’t have beacon lights use strobe lights as a makeshift beacon light.

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Basically Strobes are used when you enter a runway all the way until you land and exit the runway. Landing lights whe you are cleared for take off (so if you are told to line up and wait don’t use them) until 10000’ (MSL or AGL? Not sure 😂) and then from 10000’ till you land and exit the runways

Then are they used to taxi at night because I swear I see the strobes on when I’m taxiing on a real flight?

I just watched a few videos of taxiing on commercial planes and they all have strobes on.

I just feel the arguments coming, but the landing lights are turned on when you’re at the holding point, throughout the takeoff (even if you’re told to line up and wait) and are turned off after you’re above 10,000 ft MSL. They are turned back on after you are below 10,000 ft MSL.

Could you please share these videos, as I feel so confused and want to know for myself?

I just tried and it wouldn’t let me.

I also remember the strobe lights being on the entire time you are in the air including above 10,000.

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Are they YouTube videos?

Yeah just some people taking videos out their window.

Ok, then you can just copy and paste the link to the video…

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The pilot turned on the strobes after crossing the holding point, which is still taxiing technically, but they weren’t turned on for the whole taxi. So no, strobes aren’t used while taxiing.

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From what I have told from flight training you do not turn them on until cleared for takeoff