Strobe Lights and Drone Views

I think this whole drone thing is fake! I cannot get my drone camera to do anything! It just zooms in the cockpit and doesn’t go in the cabin or anything!

Here is a great post from the Infinite Flight userguide to read regarding the use of drone mode. :)

Cameras | Infinite Flight

THAT DOES NOT WORK! I tried the drone camera on the Airbus A319–100 and it didn’t work!

Seriously! Update this drone crap! I can’t get it to work on any aircraft! It just shows me the undercarriage and not the cabin or anything!

Are you sure you’re on the right camera view?

The default “exterior drone” view is located on the top of the aircraft, not under. So that’s strange.

I’m doing the interior drone.

This whole drone thing is fake to me!

First of all, please calm down. Second I believe you may be doing it wrong. Do you have screenshots?

Show me how to actually do it!

Did you go to the “free cam” part of the cam slider, and slide it up to “interior cam”?

please** :)


It’s just like going from “normal cam” to “nose cam”, for example. You switch to the “free” cam, then slide up to interior or exterior cams, which have 2 views so you can see different parts of the plane

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