Strobe light sequence is wrong on 777

Can we have an correction on strobe light illumination sequence on 777 in this 21.1 update


Hi there ! this something for #features

What exactly is incorrect?
It seems right to me

My question is how would you know or find out that it’s incorrect? Like that’s some top level investigations right there!!


For real!! LOL

Yeah he is right, upon inspection :) , I found out that in IF the strobe lights on the wing and tail illuminate at the same time all along with the beacon light. But in real life the tail strobe light goes first then the wings and then the beacon flashes.

This is specifically for the B77W.

and trust me when you encounter so many B77Ws its clearly noticeable. ( coughcough… DXB…coughcough)

im not complaining tho ;)


I believe the strobe light currently is the same as the -200ER variant.

If u wanna see a correction in 21.1 put this in #features :)

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