Strobe light from cockpit view

For some reason, whenever you’re in cockpit view, you can’t see other plane’s strobe light. I’m pretty sure this is a problem on everyones side. Can someone confirm he’s having the same issue?


I’ve only noticed it in the A32X, but I think it’s fairly common.

Is it common or a persisting problem? I think it’s the fact that people don’t really concentrate on it.

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It’s not something you can fix, I don’t think its a big issue though.

So basically, it’s not added in the sim…

TBH, it kinda bugs me. When I’m on the outside view and I see the aircraft lining up with strobes on and then when I switch to cockpit view there are no strobes lights.

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If I’m not mistaken, you currently cannot see other players’ lights or hear their engines when in the cockpit view.

Im a bit confused but okay

I think it’s a known issue.

We’ll, it’s been 8 months… it hasn’t been fixed yet.

I know I didn’t see the date straight away.
Still searching…

Not sure about this, I hear other engines especially when taking off or when they land and deploy reversers, and I can see their strobe, nav, etc.

That isn’t the case for me…

Why do you think this is a big issue?

Thanks for the report - I have added it to the bugs list:

Thanks. I’ve had this issue as well since before global. I haven’t been able to see others nav, beacon, landing or strobe light from my cockpit view. I’m on a Nvidia Sheild K1

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All of this you can see from cockpit view?

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