Strobe Light during all Flight time?

Hello everyone, first of all forgive me for making a subject concerning these lights but my knowledge tells me that it is necessary to use the strobe lights during all the flight (therefore not to extinguish them above 10 000ft) is it true. It seems that real world pilots are doing it. I’m not sure thank you for answering me.

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Check out this handy tutorial video:

I have already checked but each time they speak during the taxi but I know the rules

Max Facts posted this:


Yes, all flight from wheels up to wheels down must have strobe lights on. The strobe lights serve as a beacon so their aircraft can be seen in the lowest of visibility.


Thanks for your answer. Now i don’t disable the Strobe Light at +10 000ft.

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Correct! Happy flying! :)

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Thank you ! Good day :)

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