Strobe light bug?

I have flown a few flights recently i i have realised that the strobe and landing lights wont working i dont know if you guys have the same problem i just wanted to report it.

have you got the master switch on?

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Hey @Majonespudding!
Do you mean when you turn them on via the systems panel, they don’t actually turn on?

Yes i do and it is annoying

Yes i do have it on

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Strange - it might be that your graphics are too low?
I’m controlling at VRMM on expert at the moment, if you wanted to spawn in I’d be happy to tell you if they are actually on.

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could you send a screenshot of what you plane looks like with the button on? (ideally at night)

No i dont think so they are on full

I with i could but there is also a bug were i cant share screenshots

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Could you clarify a bit more on the issue perhaps?

Is this happening with all aircraft/ particular aircraft?

Are they not visible from a certain view such as wing view?

What device are you using and what graphics settings. Thanks!

Im using iPad pro (the first one)
It is happening to all the aircrafts but not on the a320

And they are not visible from any wiew

And what graphics settings are you using?

Im using the higest

Ok, some quick troubleshooting. How long has this issue been happening for, have you tried different graphics and have you tried reinstalling the application?

Please note you would loose all replays if reinstalling

It have jappene the last week or so and yes i have reinnstalled if

Are you able to spawn into an online airport now so I can confirm if they work on my end?

Just pick an airport on the training server, I’ll come find you.

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Ok what are your tag

We can Spawn at Engm training server

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Ok it got fixed i reinnstaled and restartet my iPad

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