Strobe light and landing lights confusion | On and off

Beacon is on only when engines are running.
Landing Lights on when taking off and under 10,000 feet or decision FL. (Not while taxiing)
Strobes on when crossing an active runway, and during entire flight. They are always to be on. Never on a taxiway.
NAV Lights doesn’t have to be on at the gate. But turn them on whenever you are not parked at a stand or a gate.


I already posted this :)

Strobe lights are not on during taxi


im not an expert but im sure its landing lights on below 6000ft and strobes below 10,000ft. Strobes on when on the runway.

absolutely right!

…well, not really;-)

pls refer to to my post “how to use the strobe lights correctly”, already referred to in this conversation

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Doesn’t matter if your at FL400, strobes should be used at anytime while flying, landing or taking off.

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The problem with that is it’s simply good airmanship.

Basically the lesson here is, whatever you feel like during the day as long as you are not blinding other pilots. Or what your boss says

Nope. Strobes should be off from when you enter the runway to you exit the runway. Landing lights should be on under 10,000ft MSL

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No, this is wrong. Completely wrong… Nav lights should be on at all times when the electricity is connected. You do not taxi with strobe lights - ever. Remember that strobe lights can be seen from MILES away, and they’re the brightest lights on the aircraft. You don’t turn them on until you enter the runway. Also “logo lights” should also be on when electricity is established - however only at night. Landing lights should also be on when entering the runway…

This guide is just wrong, sorry


Just to add that if you want to pick someone to listen to on this this thread @Mats_Edvin_Aaro is the one with the correct answer. Some of the other stuff written in here is incorrect unfortunately.


No it isn’t. Navigation lights are MANDATORY, so it isn’t FAA approved, in that case I would need to see proof of that. logo lights are mandatory, yes - but there are a lot of things in that guide which is wrong. From an FAA point of view

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Hold on for a sec :)

Very few aircraft keep their strobes on once clear of the runway at any commercial airport I have been to - and I have been to a few. Those that accidentally do are usually reminded by the ground controller very quickly as it is very obvious. Are you sure you aren’t confusing the anti-collision lights with strobes?

I must admit I saw your table earlier and thought there were a few issues with it, but didn’t have chance to reply.


Just to add to that - some planes have white anti collision lights (less bright)

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Thanks, yes you are right. Position of anti-collision and strobes differs on the plane so that should help distinguish even if it isn’t obvious from colour or brightness.