Strobe/Beacon Lights on the 737

Hello community!

The Issue

Today whilst practising my landings on solo, I noticed a bug that was affecting the strobe and beacon lights on the 737 during replay mode. The lights stayed on constantly, not flashing or anything. After a little bit of investigating, I discovered a way to reproduce this issue.

How to Reproduce the Issue

  1. In reply mode, jog forward and/or let the replay play.
  2. At any position you wish, JOG backwards in time.
  3. The lights are continuously on.
  4. Let the reply play or jog forward in time until the reply is back to the position you originally jogged back in time. The lights should resume flashing as normal.

This bug does not affect the gameplay in any way but is annoying. This bug does not happen when you use the seek option.

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Yes I also find it annoying, also when if you turn your engines off, and go into replay, they stay off even if you are flying.

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