Strobe and landing lights!

Attention pilots! In rea life Strobe and landing lights are turned off during taxi.
Only turn it on once you reach the runway and turn it off once you leave the runway.
Landing lights should be off when you’re above 10,000ft, would love to see infinite flight pilots following these real life rules :) thank you for your understanding!

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Yes i agree with you


I think Mark here got everyone covered on that subject quite a while ago. Thanks for the reminder though 👍🏻


No matter how many times i ve seen this said here in the forum, i still keep seeing people spawning and instantly turning every single light on


It’s just in real life they use taxi lights to taxi.

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I appreciate the effort of try to convey your message about lights but you literally just posted this exact same message into the thread about lights.


Are you sure that planes shut down strobes after landing irl ?

Yes. Keep in mind that when we refer to strobes we are referring to the wing strobes. The red flights on the top and bottom or beacon lights even though they flash too.

Strobes on the ground while taxiing at night can cause visibility issues with other aircraft. Best practice in IF is to only put the strobes on when crossing a runway or when on the runway/take off/landing/in the air.

(I believe) There are real world exceptions to this as some GA aircraft do not have all the lights like commercial planes.


Yes strobe and landing are turned off after landing.
Landing lights are turned on only while taking off and landing and below 10,000ft in the air, above 10,000ft turn off landing lights, Strobe lights are on when on runway and during the flight, only off when in taxiway and parking.


Strobes are for airborne only or when occupying an active runway for either the purpose of taxiing or take off.

The beacon, the red flashing one, must be on when the aircraft is moving on the ground either under tow or under its own power when the engines are running.

There are exceptions such as you can decide to forgo the strobes in low visibility procedures if you find them a distraction during the take off roll, they must be switched on as soon as possible after take off.

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Please reference the lighting tutorial.