Stricter shutdown time

I’m not sure if this is intentional, but I noticed that since the new update I’ve been getting booted off the app when I leave for even just 5/10 seconds, even if I’m not in contact with ATC, even if I’m not mid-flight! E.g. leaving the app to set V-speeds on IFAssistant, Alarm clock, accidental home button, whatever. When I return to the app it starts again from the title screen. This is very impractical for those of us who have just one device, and makes it especially difficult to complete a flight. There used to be a few minutes “grace period” pre-flight (i.e. in the menu, before starting a flight) and even about 30 seconds during flight. Now I get shut out immediately. I’m using a Galaxy S8.

It’s always been advised to never leave the app.

It’s not practical for those of us with only one device. It would make any long haul flight near impossible.


I have not noticed any changes in being purposefully disconnected from the live servers from usage of other applications and leaving Infinite Flight running in the background – it has remained as far as I am aware at 45 seconds of inactivity in-app whilst tuned to an ATC frequency for you to be disconnected from the live server, and I’ve been unable to reproduce time-outs like this whilst I’m not tuned to live server ATC/unicom.

It is important that whilst tuned to ATC or on approach/departure from your airport that you continue to be responsive in-app, especially within the expert server environment.

To double check, when you say ‘booted off’, you do refer to being disconnected from the live servers, and not in fact the app being force closed by your operating system whilst using a different app? This would be an issue with available RAM and device memory instead of connection with the server.

No this is not the case lol. It would cause a lot of problems if a video call comes in (phone calls don’t boot me from the app on MIUI :P)

I’m talking about the app itself resetting. Naturally I wouldn’t leave the app while in contact with ATC. And I don’t believe this is a device memory issue as it changed right after I downloaded the update.

Usually, if you’re purposefully disconnected from the server due to inactivity, you will continue on your flight, and a message will pop up stating you’ve purposefully been disconnected from the live server due to your usage of other apps/connection issues.

As far as I’m aware, if the app itself fully resets, its usually an issue to do with the amount of memory available, and that the app can sometimes be closed by the operating system of your device causing your app to ‘reset’ if you use a different app for a certain period of time.

This may have became more prominent in the latest update due to items such as the new map, new instruments and new aircraft putting a bigger strain on your device due to the amount of rendering these aspects require, even though it has been magnificently streamlined - especially if your device is a tad older.

My best advice would be to reset your scenery cache before every long-haul flight, ensure you don’t have too many other applications running in the background, and delete any unnecessary replay files before any long flights too. Reducing your graphics and renderings settings will also help. This will hopefully reduce the instances of your application resetting whilst you’re using others. I did at first experience this too, however it did seem to get better over time as I made sure my device was fully ready and optimised to use Infinite Flight when I want to start a flight.

Hopefully this advice helps!

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Makes sense. Thanks for the help as always Adam!