Stricter Expert server rules

Thanks for that, yes I agree if it was one person that reports you then it wouldn’t work, but what if in order for a report to count you had to have a minimum of 3 pilots press the button within a certain time span.


But we can’t just force them to go on the IFC.

Not everybody thinks they have to take IF seriously.


In-game tips are a great tool in my opinion.


Hey this is slightly rude. Not all of us kids are that bad. Respectfully, I’ve seen some adults with much worse behavior. And either way, this is why the ATC can report. It doesn’t get any stricter than that.


As IFATC, and I know that many of my fellow controllers have this sentiment as well… grade means absolutely nothing.

There can be a grade 3 that flies better than a grade 5. There can be a grade 1 that flies better than a grade 3.

Grade makes no difference.


That’s true. It is probably true that behavior will get worse during the summer, but grouping all the kids into one group and then blaming it on them is a bit unfair.


The other day I saw a pilot with 70 landings in total. That means they’ve only talked with tower while landing 70 times (actually less bc no ATC on casual) No wonder people have no clue what they’re doing!


The staff will decide if grade is really of any worth to determine a pilot.

Honestly, grade seems pretty trash😕


Well, obviously, but I think it’s fair to say that everyone knows that grade means nothing. It’s great to have the grade 5 tag, heck, even the grade 3 tag! But if you can’t prove that in how you interact with other pilots and ATC and your general demeanor within the app, it’s essentially useless.

If you’d like to chat with me more about this, shoot me a DM!


I’m seeing a lot of people saying we should have an increase in required flight hours… while I do agree that this does show more devotion to IF, anyone can set their iPad to charge and let their plane fly until it runs out of fuel. Personally, I think there should be an ATC activity requirement (how many times you talk to ATC), similar to the ATC operations number currently in place. This way, people are required to learn how to act around ATC, before reaching the ES.


What if we got rid of grade requirements and had everyone take a quick 5 min test with a mod? Then there’s a human component to the expert server and not just a computer counting how many landings you have.


I assure you that the mods don’t have the kind of time to test every single person who flies in IF.


Bam, that’s 6 months of a mod’s life spent testing other pilots :)

It actually isn’t a bad idea, but would be hard for the mods.


Hire new mods


Not saying every “kid” is bad. Just saying the during the summer there is a common increase of inexperienced pilots inhabiting the Expert Server.

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Like a staff of 25 new mods just for tests

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Fair, but either way the report button still exists for that purpose. Boom. Problem solved

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Ok. Lets take a moment to think about your proposition. Is it logical if we have say over 50,000 users? I mean, if you want to wait about a year to get your 5 mins of tested fame, then I support the idea! 😜

With that said, and as some staff may have said in the past (here and there), the expert server will likely see some changes here in the near future. These changes will be admired by many, and should have an effect on those who cause trouble to those who wish to enjoy the server in peace.


The report button doesn’t work…


We hire new game mods. We don’t need any more on the community, but what if the game hired 15 or so hourly workers to do tests and go home. As soon as the majority are tested, keep only 5 testers or so.