Stricter Expert server rules

Recently I have noticed alot of people acting like they are on training. Taxiing through grass, cutting in line, landing on closed runways, not pushing back, flying large aircraft from smaller airport to a airport about 100nm away, flying at 15,000ft on long hauls and many more things.

I think it’s time for either a new server maybe called Expert+ or stricter rules to enforce realism because no one wants to see the thing I described on expert server. That stuff is for training and casual. I’m only grade 3 so I don’t suggest upping the grade required but just making it more stricter to stop this. It’s unrealistic and I’m sure many community members are sick of it.

This is never going to change. One additional reason for the increase of inexperienced players is that school is ending. More younger pilots have time to get to grade 3, but have no idea what they’re actually doing. This causes worse behavior on the ES.


There’s no such thing as a “closed runway” unless ATC is present.

This is actually optional to airliners… They fly up at the higher altitudes as they use less fuel up there which in part is cheaper

While I do agree to the points that you made… I feel that these types of people will forever be among us. Each is entitled to their own opinion though :)


I do agree that it would be nice to have stricter rules, but consider this scenario:

  1. Expert+ is formed, and pilots start working harder to be able to fly on ES+.

  2. IFATC then moves a majority of their workforce onto ES+ to control for the super-realistic pilots, leaving very few to control on ES.

  3. Soon, Expert turns into TS 2.0, and as time goes on, ES+ slowly degrades into what ES is now.

  4. Finally, you have Casual, two Trainings double trouble and an Expert+ that’s similar to what we have now.

Any thoughts?


What about grade?

Would grades 6 and maybe 7 be needed?


Maybe grade 6 or 7 pilots will have to have an IFC account so you could find everyone.


It there was some way to implement a point deduction system. For example your given a certain amount of points at the start of your flight. The possible ways these points would be deducted from your flight are taxiing through grass, taxiing through planes, Landing and taking off on closed runways, not using atc when not active and etc. Once a pilot loses all their points they are banned from expert for two days maximum. It will help punish these players who thinks expert is TS and make more nimrods or trollers think twice about choosing to fly on the expert server.

That’s just my idea to solve the issue but I don’t know if it will work


I wouldn’t think so because there have already been plenty of complaints about how grades 4/5 are unreachable to many pilots.


I know I’d be very disappointed if I had to get 1500 landings to fly on ES+.


That’s why there is a request on lowering landings and possibly increasing heavily on flight hours


Instead of upping the landings, maybe they’ll need a high number of flight hours, so they’ll be more experienced.


In a certain post by Misha he said rules are to be stricter in the future and requirements are being adjusted…


Then higher grades might work, if that occurs. However, I do harbor some hope for stricter rules being applied on the current Expert server (although I have no ideas at the moment).


Grades have no effect on experience. It’s just how much time you have to waste.


Maybe you’d get a violation if you cut in line, use closed runways, etc without ATC somehow.


But if so there would be no difference between casual, training, and expert.

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Yes, that would be helpful. I’m just curious as to how that would be implemented into the game (if your nose gear momentarily crosses the hold short line by accident, would you still get a violation?). Situations like that might cause a lot of strike here on the community.


What if we reimplemented the report button? Pilots that believed they are flying responsibly could overturn their reports by showing their replay video


@21cabbage, Here’s a whole thread on how that would go down :)


What we really need is for people to learn. No point in leaving the people who are trying to have fun in the dust. If we were to ditch everyone, there would be nobody flying. …That is why this is hard to combat.