Stricter Expert Server Requirements

Hello IFC,

Recently I’ve seen many Grade 3s not knowing the procedures of flying. Examples are purposely taking off against the traffic in an Unicom airport and they really don’t know how to fly professionally.

My suggestion is simple - just raise the grade requirements to only Grade 4 and 5. To be honest, getting Grade 4 is really not too hard if you put in some serious effort and myself got it in just 60 days of playing IF. Some Grade 3s are very unprofessional. I suggest only to allow them to be on the training sever as they practice their skills to become professional.

This is not an request for an new sever, just that some Grade 3s are not very professional yet.

Getting Grade 3 is a bit too easy as you only need 50 landings. We can also make the requirements of Grade 3 a bit higher and still allow Grades 3s to be on Expert Server.

Tell me what you think below!


Yeah, but there are Grade 3’s who are very professional. It would not be fair for them no?


Good point!

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True, so that’s why I also suggested a higher Grade 3 requirements.

I’m pretty sure that they are fixing these requirements for the next update. Making it more difficult to achieve grades :) it’s WIP I believe.


Already in the works. 🙂