Stricter Airport Restrictions

On live very rarely. Offline, much more so. (I have 9,700 XP not 300 if that was confusing. I meant 300 to go to 10,000 and thus the advanced server)

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300XP is easy to achieve. You’ll be welcomed to the advanced server and earning XP will become easier. A- You’ll want to spend more time on; B- You’ll have better experiences when you are on.


This sounds like an ‘ideal’ solution, however, due to the large user base almost impossible to prevent. I would suggest for the purists who use this app, keep to the rule and make sure that ‘you’ do not fly the wrong type of plane. The reality is that the general user will always be free to pick and choose what and where to fly. There are some generic limitations for now with Delta and Echo airports. Further enforcements may frustrate the user base (quite a few who seem to either not know or just don’t care).

Please be aware that I do keep to the aircraft type defined (in fact I only use the FDS livery). What others do I am afraid you will just have to ignore them.

For those purists who care, I have been starting to populate the web pages with the appropriate aircraft liveries etc


If I can amend these pages to help in any way please let me know.

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I’m guilty. I land a380’s into KNUC and KSAN AND KPSP…I just want to test the ATC’s skills, because these 3 airports don’t lag my device like hell


Can a controller say “aircraft to big for airport” if the sim rules allow it to be there? E.g. Could a controller ghost you for being in an A321 in London city because although it’s unrealistic IF does allow it? Is this ok? (I personally think stick to real world realism)

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Maybe a control lever so if an aircraft is too heavy for the runway, ATC pulls lever and they fall into the ‘too heavy’ pit under the runway 😆


About those question marks in there, Philippines, Saudia, Norwegian and Qantas do fly to LAX.

The ? are placeholders for the sub-page which will show all of the airports served by that carrier. e.g. check Qantas I will populate right now

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Now they’ll start scrambling jets to shoot them down.

Qantas page added

A better idea, l think, might to let the Langoliers have a quick snack…they are always starving anyway !!!

Understood, so now see how big an aircraft you can land properly on the Goodyear Blimp airfield, then post a screenshot !!!