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I fed up of this. I’m trying to ask questions, talk to others who are interested in aviation like me, and the only thing I get in return, are moderators and others bombarding me with the IFC’s strict guidelines. I understand that you need them, but maybe back off a little bit? I mention 1 other game in a comment and it’s flagged as inappropriate and unlisted. Why? I’m honestly fed up of this system 💁🏽‍♂️😂


It’s called the “Infinite Flight Community.” All things infinite flight may be discusses here. We aren’t against other games, they’re just irrelevant here.


That wasn’t the entire point of my post. I’m talking about the rules and guidelines in general

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Hello, Welcome on the IFC again! 😊

Yes, we do have some guidelines here, that’s correct. You’ll find them in the links below. Do we have many of them? No. Are they strict? No. Therefore, it’s even more important that we follow the few we’ve set for ourselves. With a community this large, it’s essential that we have some guidelines. One of them is that we don’t tolerate name calling and personal attacks. Another one is based on the fact that this is an Infinite Flight community. Therefore, this is not the place to discuss or debate other flight simulators.

You’re more then welcome to join us here on the IFC! Read the posts below, find out more about this place. I know you’ve been around here since April, but it’s always good to check those topics again from time to time. And I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you’ve got via PM! 😊

Have a good night!

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