Stressful day in the ATC office!

Hi all.
Please can someone confirm that the instruction ‘back-taxi’ means to taxi the wrong way along a designated runway in order to arrive at the respective runway start point. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m shocked how many people don’t seem to understand this.
While I’m on the whinge, can we have a command on the ATC called “do what ever you want and ignore me” button. I was at EGLC London City tonight, in game, and the number of pilots ignoring me and just taking off and landing as they please, you know who you are!
Sorry I’m having a bit of a moan, but I need to get it off my chest and I know it’s only a game, but the game is a lot of fun, if people play nicely.
Rant over 😜

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If it’s on the atc playground server then everybody’s learning so nobody can report anything unfortunately. You are correct, that is what back taxi means: you just get some people like that :/

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Yes it was the playground and I know I’ll have to take it on the chin. Sometimes forget it’s only a game lol

Be great if someone actual wrote the rules down; instead of expecting people to just automatically know them (even the new comers)…

To be honest, they’re not really “rules” per sé, it’s just people getting angry because practically reports from playground server are pointless because everybody’s learning ;)

Yeah I agree - but something explaining that, somewhere easily visible on the Forum, would be a great idea since every day there’s a new topic about ATC Playground. :)

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I totally agree that s**t happens but the annoying part of it is some of these people have 60-100k XP and really should know better.

Not helping by the fact I’m in UK and it’s getting late and I’m tired, so thanks rotate, I’ll try that, and thanks everyone else for your input as well.
Happy to put this matter to bed.
Many thanks all,

That’s correct.

Yesterday I was KLAX Tower for a couple of hours, at some point the wind changed and the active runways became the 24- and 25rs. You can’t imagine how many "Back taxi"s and “Please follow instructions” I sent on that busy Sunday afternoon (CEST) before the most pilots did what I was asking for :D

The threshold for the runways to change is only 5kts. I would have let them takeoff 6&7’s unless it was really windy. Then slowly swap the new aircraft, but that’s just me.