Stressful controlling in YSCB advanced

To everyone who was inbound to YSCB on the advanced server in the last hour.

Apologies for vectoring most of you away, I had over 30 people on my frequency all wanting the same thing.

My simple request is that you please remain patient, have a look at the map or status bar before you start getting impatient and continue to keep checking in, or requesting an altitude change, it may look like your forgotten but please don’t spam the frequency, I decided to close cause I had 10+ aircraft continuously requesting pointless things.

For those of you that was patient I thank you and apologies for not getting you to your destination.



Thanks, I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was IFIA215. The way you handled the situation is great. Even though one aircraft crashed, you still did the most amazing controlling I’ve seen in quite a while.


I do, thanks for your patience and feedback :)

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Everyone has bad sessions even me! What can you do? It happens just need to learn from it. You could be the best ATC in the world but even he/she will get mistakes because no one is perfect!


Hey Steven :)

I like how many IFATC own up to their mistakes. They are so cool and relaxed and they don’t let anyone but themselves take blame for what they did. If only all pilots would do the same… :/

were you the one vectoring me in I was New Zealand 796 if you were nice job on the sequencing ;)


And here is an appreciative pilot!!!

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Maybe, I vectored a lot of aircraft haha!

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:D Thank you for the kind words!

Just doing my civic duty!!! Thank you for the positivity!!!

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No problem! I love the ATC and realistic flights that happen on advanced!


You and me both!! Let’s grab a beer 🍻

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I landed there at YSCB not long ago. Was a pretty rough approach with those winds, but I manage to put the big bird 777 on the ground.


You did a great job though ! You got many planes in and out the airport as soon as possible

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