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I’ve been trying to stream on Youtube for the last few weeks, but they always get cut for being invalid. I searched up the problem and it was that I could stream under 1000k. Do you have any recommendations on where to stream to? Is there a better way to publish vids of my flights?


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If you’d like to livestream your flights, applications such as Omlet Arcade and Streamlabs are great options. They’re pretty self explanatory, and have in-app (and third-party) tutorials for any questions.

Alternatively, you can make timelapses of your flights. It’s a great way to squeeze a flight into a short video!

Best of luck :)

Don’t forget, you can always use Google. 😉


um not sure that is correct @NuggetFornia my friend @Kamryn streams MFS on youtube and his videos go up perfectly and I believe he only has about 50-100 subs and under the view count. I suggest talking to him about it :)


You cannot stream from mobile with < 1,000 subs. Please reference this article for additional information.

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this is not true. The 1000 Subscriber limitation is for streaming from your phone camera. You’re still able to stream you phone screen using Omlet Arcade, Vidih or some more expensive options.

If you have any questions regarding the process, I’ve been streaming IF for years and can help.

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I’ll talk to Blitz and see what he says. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try other streaming apps.

If you want a cheap alternative, Vidih worked for me for a while. It’s only a couple bucks on the app store.

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Thanks for all of your help. I’ll try using Omlet Arcade, but I can’t use Vidih because I cannot buy apps.

You can as I did. But you need to get some apps and approve you YouTube channel.

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Use omelet arcade. I use it for my streams and they go well.
(Example from my stream)

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I use streamlabs for my streams and I only have 26 subs.

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If you have a Mac or PC, I can tell you how to stream. A lot of people admire my streams and I think I can help you make some really great streams. I am always here to help.

The stream setup I have allows you to have custom overlays, different screens to switch to change to, and you can chose any songs you want to play during the streams.

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