Streaming to a tv

If we could do this to a chrome cast or smart tv it would make the whole experience better with a bigger heads up display and improved graphics. By using the tablet or phone as a controller that would link up to the tv it would bring a whole realistic feeling. All of the controls would be in a different layout on the tablet or phone and this would include the map/flight plan and systems you could link the map and flight plan to the tv to get a better picture of the region. A lot of you are saying that you could do this to a Apple TV but not many people own one so it is not compatible with chrome cast or any other sort of streaming device.It would be a fantastic addition to this great game and I hope people will agree with me.


Really nice idea. Your family could judge your every move which would be fun.


Sounds great. I wonder if the frame rate would be compromised though

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Max Sez…ROKU is the Platform for this feature! I watch UTude Aviation Video’s via ROKU daily from my Pad to my big screen TV. If UTube can do it so can IF. Linkability already exists with ForeFlight so the software is on the shelf. I’d pay a little extra for this feature.

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If you have an Apple device or a device that includes Apple’s AirPlay feature, then this feature has already been available for a long time. You can pair your Apple TV and you i device with AirPlay and display whan is on your phone screen onto your TV.

One problem is that there is a small delay that makes it nearly impossible to fly. The only real purpose would be if you wanted to show others your flight. If you wanted to simply use your device as a controller and use the TV as your view, then good luck with that.

As an android user you’re able to stream the whole screen content vie Chromecast (only on Android 4.4.2+)

It would be really great when you were able to stream only specific content (map, fpl for example) to your TV. I’d totally support this idea and pay a little extra for this, as Max already said.

I tried using wireless Miracast, which worked well, but the slight delay made it difficult for IF.

I now use a SlimPort with my Nexus 7 which is a device that connects into the micro usb on the Nexus 7 on one end and a HDMI leading to my tv, monitor etc on the other end. The device also has a micro usb of its own so that you can plug your charger in. No noticeable delay whatsoever, it cost just £4 from China.

I mirror my iPad and iPod Touch to my Apple TV. Works great for my 737-700 on my 50" LG HDTV.

There is a slight delay but not intolerable. I adjust for it with the gray stuff between my ears.

There is a way to reduce latency by connecting the Apple TV to the WiFi router directly with a CAT5 cable. That eliminates one of the WiFi links and reduces the delay.

…My next move when the gray stuff starts to fail.

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cant you do that if you have apple tv, or if your smart tv has that feature?

*sony tv uses r.i.p the screen mirroring isnt available on apple devices

I already did this with Apple TV once

Wouldnt the chromecast be laggy at times