Streaming liveries

You may know this problem when having a nad device:you are at a busy airport and Infinite Flight downloads all surrounding airplane liverys. After some time you get a message that your storage is full and you have to delete some apps. Wouldn’t it be better when you could stream the liverys from the surrounding planes so Infinite Flight doesn’t needs 8GB storage. This problem is really annoying for users with bad devices so please fix it!

FIrst of all, is this a feature request or something that has to be fixed? You need to be more specific.

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What’s taking up the rest of your storage? You probably just need to do a better job of managing your storage.

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What if your phone has only 16gb 😂 yeah I have like 100mb free

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Its a feature!

I have a bad phone

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I’m pretty sure what you’re asking for already exists. Not 100% sure though, have a look at this post.

It’s downloaded as you go. One could consider that as streamed. But it’s not cleared when not required anymore.

What’s that bit mean if you don’t mind, “not cleared”?

Deleted. Removed. Gone. :)

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No, i mean that the liverys won’t be downloaded because that needs too much storage