Streaming IF on YouTube

Hello IFC, some times ago I created YouTube channel, and now finally have 50+ subscribers for life streaming, how can I stream my flight, for example, on YouTube, I tried Streamlabs app
But stream crashed and stopped every few minutes… What I am doing wrong? Can you give me any advice? (I have no pc to connect phone to pc and streaming this way)

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It could be due to internet issues as well. I suggest using OmletArcade as it used to work really well for me and the connection was pretty stable. All the best!

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My internet is super good. I am using pro sub on one VPN service, and speed is near 7-10mb/sec

Thank you! I will try!
(Also I am wondering why are you not doing new videos, I was your sub already for near 2 years)

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Maybe this will help

I also use Streamlabs, if you have any questions you can dm me

Use omlet arcade. thats what I use and it works pretty well.

Just find that quality of stream is very bad, 720p looking like 360р…

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