Streaming IF direct from your device


Just thought id let the community know about DU RECORDER, its an app available on Apple (not sure about android) that lets you stream your device directly to Facebook, youtube, twitch etc. Does require a subscription but if you like to stream live its worth it .

If you are streaming on facebook a computer/laptop is required to get the connection link

You can also stream from you device with Omlet arcade or screen recorder both are free! Just so you know

nice, i just check you dont need a sub to stream, only to add watermarks of your own and hide adverts and stuff but thats for your options too

Sometimes IF might crash when using on screen app recorders on Android.

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Is it possible to broadcast from an iPhone onto an iMac? A bigger screen would be helpful when on ATC

I’ve used @tomthetank 's fly-by-wire while airplaying to my Apple TV… that’s a pretty good way to go.

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apple TV you can broadcast wirelessly to a TV which is good.

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